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As the end of 2021 is approaching, I am certain that many of you will again have had a challenging year to look back at, since the corona pandemic and its devastating consequences remain present.

I sincerely hope you are all in a good physical and emotional state of wellbeing. The coming holiday season still confronts us with many social restrictions, but let’s nevertheless make it something to look forward to.

And what better way to reconnect and celebrate the warmth of a relationship with a loved one than to send and/or receive a handwritten card in your mailbox!  SmillustrationS is here to help you out with that 😉.

This year I have the honour to introduce a new Christmas card to the collection : ‘Bunny Love’. To me it represents warmth, simplicity, enjoying the little things and spreading those feelings.

You are more than welcome to check out this and my many other cards and stationery on the website.

Wishing you the best,




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Corona challenges

Since this year is confronting us with highly unusual and difficult circumstances, SmillustrationS is trying to offer a little help by providing a temporary corona discount. 

it is also important to mention here that all orders will be packaged with care and will be corona-proof.

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Behind the scenes

Hi everyone,

After successful sales last year, SmillustrationS went silent for a while. But that wasn't a sign of some sort of hibernation at all!

I have been designing and sketching and also exploring new media. Some of you might have noticed this on the instagram page (www.instagram.com/SmillustrationS).  

There will be new cards coming soon, and they will remain true to the unique SmillustrationS signature style. So some very exciting new whimsical animal sceneries are on their way!


It hasn't been a secret that I also work with lots of other media and styles. I love getting my paintbrushes ready and making some abstract or intuitive artwork. You have been able to witness this at Atelier Pure Black Rainbow (see link above : graphic design projects  - my own artwork). This spring, I pushed this even further and explored inks as a new medium. This resulted in a new creative vibe and a lot of inspiration so I went playing with different techniques. 

Paintings, possibly cards and even jewelry are possible new routes of adventure :-).

I hope you can appreciate this new approach, as a side project to the original SmillustrationS brand. 

Find out all about these colourful newbies at the link above! (Side project - Atelier Pure Black rainbow)


Thanks for your support



Thank you

With this post I want to express my gratitude towards all who believed in me and my project. Many people contributed to the success of my work, and I am equally thankful to each and every one of them. From the stranger who bought a pack of christmas cards on the market, to the little boy who's bright eyes were twinkling when he saw his favorite pet (a pig) in my christmas market stand. From my family who encouraged me and helped me out a lot, not only with practical solutions to what to me seemed big obstacles but also with emotional support - to my loved ones, who inspired me and helped me keeping faith.


I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Keep on spreading the SmillustrationS Joy