Pure Black Rainbow art canvas (february 2018)

' Inner Fire '

Sold this intuitive colourful piece to a very sweet and helpful lifecoach, who has over time become a dear friend of mine. 

I'm very proud to be hanging in her workspace :-)

Flyers soup bar Prinsenhof (february 2018)

With lots of gratitude I am able to present to you the collaboration with Prinsenhof, which resulted in flyers and customercards for clients of the cutest soup bar in Hove. 

The first and original version was a girl.

However, my client and I discussed this a lot and decided that we missed the cute animals, of which SmillustrationS is known....

... So the definite version was a bunny eating carrot soup :-)

Artwork canvas unicorn (december 2017)

To make a little girl happy for christmas, she got to pimp her new bedroom with an original unicorn canvas. 

SmillustrationS is very proud to be watching over this kid every night ;-)

Flowertags / gifttags for ritmica (november 2017)

I'm so proud the christmas floral pieces will be pimped up with my very own tags :-) It will add some spark to the beautiful compositions volunteers (such as me) make there every year. So I'm very passionate about this project. Find out more on their benefit christmas benefit action @ www.ritmica.be

customized artwork canvas for a butterfly lover                                                          (february 2017)

Alpaca Boardgame Club facebook banner (september 2016)

A meerkat marriage - wedding invitations   (june 2016)