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Christmas cards A6 format, folded, with platinum coloured envelope  -  € 2.75 per piece

                                                                                                             -  € 14.00 per pack of 6

                                                                                                             -  € 98 per 50 pieces

                                                                                                             -  € 185 per 100 pieces


ENG - Please fill in the order form if you are interested. Possible discounts will be calculated. I calculate shipping costs afterwards and send you back the definitive order form. I want to emphasize that at this point, you can still cancel your order. The definitive order form will include payment instructions.

Thanks in advance!

Christmas cards can be found on the bottom of the order form.

NL - Gelieve het bestelformulier in te vullen indien u geïnteresseerd bent. Kortingen worden verrekend. Verzendingskosten bereken ik nadien en dan stuur ik het definitieve bestelformulier terug naar u. Op dit moment kunt u de bestelling nog annulleren. Indien dit – hopelijk - niet uw intentie is, kan u betalingsinstructies ook terugvinden op dit formulier.

Alvast erg bedankt!

kerstkaarten vind je terug onderaan het bestelformulier

Should anyone want another design to be printed, this can be done but only in larger amounts.

the minimum amount is 25 pieces and they will also be delivered with platinum coloured envelopes. The price is € 60.0

If you would buy 50 pieces this will cost  € 98.0. 100 pieces would cost you € 185.


For example if you would like another animal or a personal text, you can place such an order by emailing me (info@smillustrations.com)

orderform postcards and christmas cards

bestelformulier post- en kerstkaarten

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