Behind the scenes

Hi everyone,

After successful sales last year, SmillustrationS went silent for a while. But that wasn't a sign of some sort of hibernation at all!

I have been designing and sketching and also exploring new media. Some of you might have noticed this on the instagram page (  

There will be new cards coming soon, and they will remain true to the unique SmillustrationS signature style. So some very exciting new whimsical animal sceneries are on their way!


It hasn't been a secret that I also work with lots of other media and styles. I love getting my paintbrushes ready and making some abstract or intuitive artwork. You have been able to witness this at Atelier Pure Black Rainbow (see link above : graphic design projects  - my own artwork). This spring, I pushed this even further and explored inks as a new medium. This resulted in a new creative vibe and a lot of inspiration so I went playing with different techniques. 

Paintings, possibly cards and even jewelry are possible new routes of adventure :-).

I hope you can appreciate this new approach, as a side project to the original SmillustrationS brand. 

Find out all about these colourful newbies at the link above! (Side project - Atelier Pure Black rainbow)


Thanks for your support