2017 Christmas

Mix 'n Match

Winter is almost coming. This means the holiday season is starting soon. I completely surrendered to the creative flow inside me and am now very proud to introduce you to a whole new range of christmas cards. 9 designs are available, which you can all see by visiting 


To ease your choice and add a little fun twist to the orders, you can now mix and match as you like. Prices are still the same, a package of 6 cards comes at €14. 

Last year, I felt so much gratitude to be able to put my products out there in the world (and eventually selling some too 😉). This projects still means so much to me, it gives me a sense of purpose in life. No money in the world can replace that! But, truth be told, to keep things alive and going, spreading SmillustrationS is necessary. 


Hopefully you will be able to find something you like among the cards.

Have fun and keep spreading the joy of SmillustrationS.

Thanks for your interest!